Music responsive
smart lighting.

Enhance the feeling of music
with lighting that responds
automatically to sound,
creating different visual effects.

Connects wirelessly

Controlled from
your phone

Or computer

See it in action

PC controlled lighting bouncing between speakers

Different visual effects demostrated on a circular light

VU meter rings and a centre ring that lights when the kick drops!

The controllers can activate automatically when your music starts

Music stops so your lighting returns to being ambient

The top row is responding to the kick and the bottom colour reflects the most dominant sound

Each sound travels from right to left, the colour depicting the pitch of the sound

Visualise the kick and hihat (yellow and purple)

The lighting moves from right to left which each beat of the kick drum

Each colour reflects a different sound or pitch

LED strips can be split into multiple effects

Responding only to the kick with more LEDs lighting to reflect the volume

How it works

Connect your existing WS2812 LED strips to our LED controller

Use our phone app to connect the LED controller to your Wifi network

Plug our Audio Hub controller into your music source

The Audio Hub automatically controls every LED controller on the network

Now using our phone app take control of each LED controller and set up how you would like it to respond to the music!

Project Goals

Create smart lighting that acts as a normal static light but also responds to music creating different atmospheres, not just strobing or party modes, but soothing effects and colours.

Publish documentation for developers to build their own apps and software to interface with our controller.

Seek feedback from customers to create a product they want to use with useful and exciting features.